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Among them there is PJSC “Ukr Gas Bank”, that realized the project of the “Treasury” module implementation and its integration with the external accounting systems in 2014. “Treasury”, developed by business analytics and technical specialists of Lime Systems, is a software module, which ensures the full cycle of works with FOREX, DEPO and CASH operations: from creation of clients’ orders and centers of financial responsibility of the bank to creation of deals on the Ukrainian and international interbank markets and settlement of operations. Vdguki Forex Ukrgazbank Arbitrage In How To Win Binary Options On S P Please enter your details below. All fields are mandatory. Title Forex ukrgasbank ukrgasbank getin noble bank getin noble bank sa gbid gesmosa deposito gesmosa-gbi agencia de valores s.a. gbim gesmosa-gbi gbit garanti fx istanbul The project in PJSC “Ukr Gas Bank” has started from analysis of Bank’s business processes, its accounting policy and modeling of business logics of the whole process. Currently already 16 banks have successfully implemented and are using the “Treasury” module, offered by Lime Systems.

Prior to that, the Thomson Reuters Company announced that it stops maintenance of their product Reuters Deal Sputnik, and its decision to migrate to a new one – Thomson Reuters Deal Tracker. The “Treasury” module allowed the bank automating the process of reception and processing of deals, concluded in the Reuters system (FXMM-DEPO, FXMM-SPOT, FXMM-SWAP, FXMM-NETTING, etc.) and due to pre-setup business-logics facilitating the task for the participants of the process of making further decisions on these agreements. Vdguki Forex Ukrgazbank Data Forex Tenha Liberdade e Viva Seus Sonhos ! Ukrainian Exchange, Online Quotes. Ticker - UGZB Ukrgazbank, PJSC, Common. Issuer - Public Joint Stock Company "Ukrgazbank". Please enter your details below. All fields are mandatory. Title It is this system, corresponding to all requirements of the National Bank of Ukraine and international financial institutes, that Lime Systems offers.