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For those of you watching on You Tube wondering why I’ve got a split screen, I’ve got the chat opened on You Tube and I also have open my chat window. But either way, I just want to make sure that you see these articles. If you look at this real carefully, it got to almost on par, it was actually on par. What ends up happening is the supply chain breaks down when there is an economic crisis. I think you know there is a lot of truth out there. It’s hard to pick out the meat with everything that’s out there. It’s probably the best sweet corn I’ve ever had in my life. [Reading from chat window] I’m going to continue to go through this. If you have an attic or somewhere store a couple of gold coins hidden so then you have access to a few thousand dollars or maybe even more down the road. The big ones are going to be the ones I just showed you: the silver American eagle, the silver maple leafs, and the ones out there in Australia. Caller 210: Well, I was concerned about the question your last caller had about the zim. [Reading from chat window] “Is there a difference between the coins or rounds on APMEX or JM Bullion? I want to go through these questions because sometimes I miss these questions. I understand the values in Vietnam are going up even in October. The Zimbabwe dollar has been devalued several times in the last couple of years. It has been devalued so many times in the last several years. They waited until this year, and they devalued the dong this year. You can call them up right now and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment, and they’ll straighten you out right there. If you only had money in the bank, you had to hop around ATMs to try to find money. Caller 562: I have Wells Fargo now, and I also have a credit union. If the power grid gets hit and you have no running electricity, guess what? Game At The Currency Exchange Forex Vietnam Uk Stock Broker Reviews Rock Paper Wizard In this brand new Dungeons & Dragons edition of Rock Paper Wizard your adventuring party has just defeated a fiery dragon in a treacherous cave. Investopedia is the world's leading source of financial content on the web, ranging from market news to retirement strategies, investing education to insights from. What happened was it was 120 to the dollar when I was there. If you had to do a ratio, I would say try to have a little bit of cash, a little bit of actual gold and silver, and a good amount of food and water stocked up on. This is the first time I’ve actually ever been on one of these calls. You can just sense it even if you don’t have all the information. Caller 402: Yeah, that every country will have to have a currency and a currency that is backed by their natural resources. For anybody else in the queue, I see there’s a bunch of people still on the call. Hit *6 if you want to ask a question followed by the number 1. People are mad here for what he has done.” – Laurie, I’m not sure what you mean. The guy who does the things they don’t want you to know about? Now, I’ll make sure I put that on the original, official recording once I start. What I want to do is just show you an article real quick before I go to calls. I will try not to overwhelm you with a whole bunch of news. What this says right here, around August 17, 2016, the Japanese yen was on par with the US dollar. I’m going to check chat, and then I’m going to answer any questions. Food and water – all that stuff – breaks down and it gets really dangerous to go out and even go shopping. That’s another thing we don’t talk about – bartering and trading. Some of you are really good engineers, so you’ll be awesome during a collapse because you’ll probably be able to help people fix things that are broken. [Reading from chat window] “When would this be posted in whole afterward? If everyone has put their absolute last dime into a million dinar, then don’t keep all of it but keep some of it because you just never know. Caller 402: Right, but there were like 200 and some countries there. There is also a company out of Utah, Thrive Life Foods.

So it says later on below, it says “…according to Politico, the press pool was brought under a wing of Air Force One where the pool was supposed to stay behind a blue rope.” Yeah, they keep the press separated. It was very strange they didn’t want to mention that. Silver should be $900 an ounce, and gold should be $8,000 an ounce. If they decide to revalue the price of gold, which they’ve done in the past, it would have to account for all the national debt we’ve created. In the meantime, while you are getting ready, I’ll open a link somebody else sent me. I’m going to see if I have that article I was looking at yesterday regarding that. For people in Germany, they kind of got screwed over. Caller 562: Well, according to what I’ve read and been told, Abbot Downing doesn’t deal with small amounts of wealth, but large amounts of wealth. They’re a separate entity from Wells Fargo, but they are both owned by China. I just spoke to another caller about Zimbabwe coins. If somebody were to buy something in Zimbabwe using US dollars, they were not given change. What you’re hearing about these exchanges, redemptions, and tiers, I’ve been hearing that stuff recycled for the last three years now. Nobody can ever show me solid proof or actually give me a recorded phone call where they’ve spoken to a wealth manager and they’ve actually said this. Caller 562: The initial reason why I called is because we were told there would be 800-numbers that were released, and that we would call in to schedule an appointment and that we would have to sign an NDA. I was told through the Blog Talk Radio panel and Intel Dinar too. You can call Abbot Downing yourself, but I’m telling you that whoever told this to you definitely lied. One of the biggest assets they were looking at is gold holdings by country. “Stock up on super glue, Band-Aids, duct tape, rubber bands, and many few metal coat hangers.” “What is the area code for Zimbabwe? Look at where the British pound is and look at the Argentine peso. The Chinese official attempted to block Rice and Deputy National Security Adviser Ben Rhodes after they lifted a blue rope holding back press and walked to the other side.” Wow. “Coinbase.” – Yes, I am familiar with that, Michael. They didn’t figure the sun into the equation and how come every single planet near the sun was also having their surface temperatures rise. You can see this is what the true price of gold and silver should be. Caller 646, I’m going to unmute you in about 10 seconds. I do not recommend storing it in any of the major banks. They had many US dollars, Canadian dollars, and they did not have coins. As of August 4 of this year, there are protests because they do not want this local currency. If it’s rejected in its own country, it’s going to be rejected everywhere. The bond coins are in use and they are being circulated. The people do not want to deal with the bond notes. You can call them up and speak to them, and they’ll be happy to direct you in the right direction. If all these currencies go down, if they start looking at assets, Vietnam doesn’t have a lot of gold. Game At The Currency Exchange Forex Vietnam Starting To Stock Trading Currency Pakistani rupee PKR Rs.1 = 100 Paisas. 1 USD = 104.6PKR Aug 2016. $1,550 nominal; 141st;2016 $5,384 PPP; 132nd; 2016. In 1956, Phillip Cagan wrote The Monetary Dynamics of Hyperinflation, the book often regarded as the first serious study of hyperinflation and its effects though The. Rock Paper Wizard In this brand new Dungeons & Dragons edition of Rock Paper Wizard your adventuring party has just defeated a fiery dragon in a treacherous cave. You may want to just keep a couple of gold coins somewhere hidden in the house. I’m going to go ahead and open up an article real quick that talks about Vietnamese dong devaluation. If you just say ‘I have Zimbabwe dollars’, they are not going to talk to you. The precious metal dealers were good, you could go there and get some cash. [Reading from chat window] I’m glad so many of you jumped onto this. I think that’s funny “run away run away” from the door. Actually I did speak with the FBI, did you know that? If the internet gets hit and you have no access to information.