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This is what was happening in Beijing a couple of days ago. [Reading from computer screen] “A government official was not happy that reporters were under the wing of Air Force One. It’s to the point where they hate, not that they hate climate change, the citizens hate that people go in their houses and say ‘Oh you have a certain number of appliances so we’ll charge you more.’ [Reading from chat window] Michael Felton, yes, ’ Well, that’s one of the worst places to store gold. This is just another reason why I would say do not store your gold with one of those big banks. Gold is so small that you can fit several hundred thousands of dollars’ worth in a safe deposit box where just you and the bank have a key. I don’t know if you remember what happened on 9/11, but the banks shut down. They have been devaluing their currency to keep it cheap. They aren’t going to work with people like you or I that don’t have any money unless there is proof we are going to come into money. They have more people to see with more legitimate concerns. They do deal with Wells Fargo clients who have a lot of money. That’s what threw me, and now you’re saying is what I have is worth very little. We are supposed to call them with our zip codes to bring exchange appointments. They try to create this thing with classified information. Nick: I think having diversification in different bank accounts is a good idea. You all who are in chat can feel free to leave your comments there. If you’re on the call right now, feel free to hit *6 if you would like to ask a question. “Toilet paper is the only paper I want to keep on hand.” – Sorry, I had to read that again. Germany is now having trouble getting people their gold. Looks like the next caller is number area code 402. If you have an attic or somewhere store a couple of gold coins hidden so then you have access to a few thousand dollars or maybe even more down the road. The big ones are going to be the ones I just showed you: the silver American eagle, the silver maple leafs, and the ones out there in Australia. Caller 210: Well, I was concerned about the question your last caller had about the zim. [Reading from chat window] “Is there a difference between the coins or rounds on APMEX or JM Bullion? I want to go through these questions because sometimes I miss these questions. I understand the values in Vietnam are going up even in October. The Zimbabwe dollar has been devalued several times in the last couple of years. It has been devalued so many times in the last several years. They waited until this year, and they devalued the dong this year. You can call them up right now and you’ll be able to schedule an appointment, and they’ll straighten you out right there. If you only had money in the bank, you had to hop around ATMs to try to find money. Caller 562: I have Wells Fargo now, and I also have a credit union. If the power grid gets hit and you have no running electricity, guess what? Game At The Currency Exchange Forex Vietnam Usgfx Forex Charts Currency Pakistani rupee PKR Rs.1 = 100 Paisas. 1 USD = 104.6PKR Aug 2016. $1,550 nominal; 141st;2016 $5,384 PPP; 132nd; 2016. Green’s Blue Flame is proud to support the Wounded Warrior Project, which provides programs to help injured service members. They talked about ice cream on the tarmac.” They talk about ice cream with Putin, but our reporters are getting snubbed and Obama doesn’t even get the red carpet. That can be a cause of concern because what if you need access to your funds. Unless you have documented evidence that you are going to come into money if somebody dies and you get part of their estate, then that’s different and they’ll talk to you. You probably remember the ATMs ran out of cash and people didn’t have money. I’m going to continue to go through these chat messages. Everyone else is going to have US dollars, you are actually going to have food and butt wipes, which people need. Get a portable radio; get plenty of batteries, flashlights, candles, stuff you are going to need if something happens. It says, “However, a member of the Chinese delegation began shouting to the White House staff demanding the pool leave the arrival scene.” Wow. A video of the incident was later tweeted.” So, let’s see a quick video. [Video briefly plays] Nick: I’ll go ahead and mute that for a second. I went to Australia and they are very crazy about climate change over there. In doing so, you would definitely see these prices. Definitely if you can’t store it in your home, store it close to yourself. Some people will say ‘what do you think about storing in Germany? Deutsche Bank in my opinion may be heading toward a huge collapse. Nick: Well, China owns a Federal reserve which is something I heard recently. I’ll tell you their whole deal because I live very close to Scottsdale; I’m in Tempe. What they do is they mainly work with people who have a lot of net worth. I’ve talked to people who have gone to a wealth manager or a Wells Fargo appointment, and they were in the office for three minutes and they were told this wasn’t going to happen. They don’t deal with these currencies that you’re mentioning. You said you don’t like NDAs, and yet, NDA was part of the Abbot Downing picture. Nick: So you’re saying Abbot Downing sent you an NDA or you just got one from one of these guru sites? Nick: Another site that makes up a bunch of information too. They were the ones that were going to release the 800-numbers. Dinar Chronicles is known for putting out disinformation. I sent like $55 and opened an account with Wells Fargo, and I bought a million dong. I did not know I was going to get the knock at the door. The biggest countries are United States and Germany.

As for where to buy gold if you live in the US, you are going to want to buy silver American eagles. Silver American eagles are these kinds of coins here. So Delivery on Demand: you always have the option to take possession of your precious metals anytime you want. We have a bunch of awesome people from Canada on the phone. I have a few of these because you never know when you’re going to go to Canada. You can just click there, and boom, you got all the current coins from Perth Mint. [Reading from computer screen] Here it is “News We Zimbabweans have refused the use of bond coins.” So in Zimbabwe themselves, they are saying they don’t want Zimbabwe currency. “Government mint coins offer a little better movement across countries, especially when you go through customs.” – I completely agree. ” – Oh Joe, my client was dropping me off something. If you don’t already you can re-exchange your currency back and get CAD currency on Globex 2000. By the way, you guys who are watching this on live stream, you can actually pause this, walk away for a second, and then resume it. Caller 562: I look at the Kathryn May on the Blog Talk Radio Panel. Caller 562: I don’t understand why people would go out of their way to have us go there to exchange currency especially if you’ve been gifted – I was gifted. I don’t understand, what is the motive behind people doing that? Nick: Yeah, they all get affected one way or another. Just try to stock up however you can, and if you have some extra money just get some gold and silver. A White House press aide would not back down.” Interesting. [Reading from chat window] It says, “Putin got the royal red carpet treatment by Chinese leadership. I just typed “Deutsche Bank gold.” [Reading from computer screen] “Dire warning about Deutsche Bank Failure to Deliver Gold.” Germany has probably one of the largest amount of gold reserves for a country other than the United States. I would probably recommend if you have a bank, store at a local bank, find out how much their storage fees are. You didn’t actually have access to your precious metals. Sometimes you can speak with them privately to do some private banking. You are supposed to donate money and you get classified information. What’s going to end up happening is there is going to be a shortage at the ATMs eventually, just like what happened around 9/11. If you would like to get in the queue go ahead and hit *6, and then hit 1. “Ok, if ships stop coming to Hawaii I would trade toilet paper and ramen 12-packs for silver and gold.” – As funny as that is having something tangible like ramen and toilet paper is actually a good thing. You are talking about the second largest country that is holding gold doesn’t have access. I tell people to hold on to your physical wealth in the form of gold and silver, food and water, and whatever else you think you’re going to need. Game At The Currency Exchange Forex Vietnam Yen Exchange Rate Forex Peru Today Alberta Sulphur Research Ltd. was incorporated as a not-for-profit research organization in 1964. The Company conducts research in the field of chemistry as it. Dong Iraqi Dinar Zimbabwe Dollar IMF Central Banks Nesara IQD Exchange Rates Zimbabwe RV Facts Currency Pakistani rupee PKR Rs.1 = 100 Paisas. 1 USD = 104.6PKR Aug 2016. $1,550 nominal; 141st;2016 $5,384 PPP; 132nd; 2016. You may want to just keep a couple of gold coins somewhere hidden in the house. I’m going to go ahead and open up an article real quick that talks about Vietnamese dong devaluation. If you just say ‘I have Zimbabwe dollars’, they are not going to talk to you. The precious metal dealers were good, you could go there and get some cash. [Reading from chat window] I’m glad so many of you jumped onto this. I think that’s funny “run away run away” from the door. Actually I did speak with the FBI, did you know that? If the internet gets hit and you have no access to information.